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Šipkadržitel certifikátu ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001
Šipkadržitel certifikátu ČSN 73 2601 - Z2: 1994


You are visiting the website of PERPET, s.r.o., where we would like to introduce you to our company.

PERPET was established in 1990 as a privately owed company. The company later went through a transformation and changed to a Limited company – Perpet s.r.o.

In the beginning we specialized in steel construction and technologies used in the food industry, production buildings, bridge construction, special construction, installation technologies, etc. We have a wide range of expertise and have no constraints in what we can produce.

From the start the company has experienced continued growth and company equity has greatly increased. In 1996 we noticed a need in the market and our company expanded into the freight haulage industry. Our most frequent destination is Scandinavia. This sector of our company services mainly the car, food and paper production industries. Our activities are even wider now we expanded our range of trucks by buying cistern tanker trucks.

We have 18 sets of truck tractors and semi trailers, 4 of them are cistern trucks (ADR and food cistern trucks). 8 semi trailers are low-deck with capacity of 100 m3. 6 semi trailers are 13.6 N with inner height of 2.7m. All tarpaulin semi trailers have basic ADR.

In 1998 we expanded our business into the crane and lifting industry, specializing in moving medium to heavy loads. At the moment we can offer our customers mobile cranes,  AD 160, AD 28, DEMAG, GROVE T870 or hydraulic lift MP13.

By 2004 our company expanded our business into storage and logistics. We now have 2400 m2 of temperature controlled warehouse storage space. We also have outside storage space and we can store ADR goods. Because we have our own lifting equipment we can offer storage of heavy and atypical materials.  We also manage all matters relating to customs and excise.

Since the Czech Republic has become an EU member, our possibilities have again expanded.

We can offer our business partners and customers, very high quality, reliability and traceability which can be seen with our certificate



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