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Logistic division

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Logistic division

We have 2400m2 of temperature controlled warehouse storage space. Another storage facility is available which is at ambient.

Because we have our own mobile cranes and lifting equipments we are able to store heavy and atypical materials. Recently we can also offer storage of ADR goods.

We strategically picked suitable location for our two warehouses to satisfy all our customers.

One of our premises PERPET is located on the outskirts of Hradec Kralove with a great accessibility from all regions of Czech Republic and from the border check points.

Our other premise, HAJKA is located 15 kilometers from Hradec Kralove in the Prague direction .The advantage of this location is close access to the D11 highway. It is located on the 82nd kilometer of the highway. It is close to the village Osice on the border between the Hradec Kralove and Pardubice regions. The D11 highway is situated 7 kilometers from the warehouse.

The warehouse utilizes the shelf system. Part of the area is also suitable for storing goods without pallets.

Our staff is highly trained and qualified. We have lifting equipment for unloading and loading goods and equipment for moving the goods within the warehouse.

Apart from the main service of storage and lifting equipment we can also offer these services: Quality management, control of the article status, stock taking and record keeping. We respect the requests of the customer, also whatever identification labeling the customer has – we can use.

We can also offer services which add value to products – grouping and ungrouping of the articles, wrapping, signing, inserting leaflets into the articles, labeling, cling film wrapping, etc.

We have a hi-tech security camera system installed in our warehouses, monitored by our security service.

We can also offer managing of customs stock and custom services, e.g. issuing custom declaration, processing and filling in custom forms (JSD, way-bills, CMR), securing custom debt, accounting INTRASTAT – this service is provided by external staff.

We are offering a very professional approach and logistical solutions; we are able to manage a very high turnover of goods in the warehouse. To make sure our service gives


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