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Haulage Division

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Haulage Division

One of the main activities of the PERPET Company is haulage. Because of the wide variety of our trucks we are able to offer the transportation of any type of goods under the conditions you require. We are in this industry since 1996. Our most frequent destination is Scandinavia but we are not limited to that destination.

Since 2005 we added 4 cistern tanker trucks to our truck fleet. Two are food cistern tanker trucks and two are ARD cistern tanker trucks.

We have 18 sets of truck tractors and semi trailers, 4 of them are cistern trucks (ADR and food cisterns, 8 semi trailers are low-deck with capacity of 100 m3 and 6 semi trailers are 13.6 N with inner height of 2.7m. All tarpaulin semi trailers have basic ADR.The main customer for our tarpaulin covered semi trailers is transportation for the car industry and the main commodity transported with the cistern trucks is MERO, raw and purified glycerin and the transportation of ADR dangerous materials (resin, etc.).

Our cistern trucks can transport these types of ADR classified materials:

A. 3 Inflammables
A 5.1. Combustible materials
A. 6.1 Poisonous materials
A. 8 Caustics
A. 9 Other dangerous materials and objects


Maximum load
Width Length Height EURO pallets Voluma
Truck trailer 26t 2,48m 13,6m 2,7m 34 ks 91m³
Mega Truck trailer 26t 2,48m 13,6m 3,0m 34 ks 100m³
Cistern truck trailer 26t         33m³


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